CryoSense: Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

CryoSense: Whole Body Cryotherapy



Remove Toxins and Inflammation

Accelerate Your Recovery Process

Cryosense® is a next-generation cryosauna, and the first unit to deliver both cryotherapy and heat in a single unit for a contrasting effect. Clients can also choose to alternate between heat and cold during the same session providing a richer user experience and better results. Likewise, Cryosense is the first and only cryochamber with two different target zones that allow clients to choose greater cold intensity on the upper body or lower body, or keep a consistent level of cold over the whole body

The CRYO experience

Phase 1: Chill out

Once your session begins, the temperature around your body is lowered to a range varying from -240ºF to -350ºF for approximately 2-3 minutes. Exposure to these temperatures causes vascular constriction, forcing blood away from extremities to the core of your body. The body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins and inflammatory properties from your blood before recirculation occurs.

Phase 2: Warm Up

After leaving the Cryosauna, the body warms up and allows the filtered blood to travel back to your extremities. The naturally purified and oxygen rich blood recirculates throughout the body; serving as the catalyst for improved health and wellness. 

Phase 3: Recover

For the next 24-48 hours, your body uses the oxygenated blood to accelerate the recovery process, increase energy levels and reduce pain and inflammation associated with debilitating conditions or injuries.  


Whole Body Cryotherapy

Initial Session$25
1 Session$50
3 Sessions$140
5 Sessions$200
10 Sessions$350

NormaTec Recovery

15 Minute Session$15
30 Minute Session$25
60 Minute Session$40


Monthly Memberships

Up to 5 Cryotherapy sessions per week.
Up to 5 Cryotherapy sessions per week.
Up to 5 NormaTec Recovery sessions per week.